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A Wonder In My Soul — was "Liked" by thiemb.
The Columnist — was "Liked" by thiemb.
Unseen — was "Liked" by thiemb.
Gender Breakdown — was "Liked" by thiemb.
Beowulf — was "Liked" by thiemb.
Love's Labor's Lost — was "Liked" by thiemb.
The Scene — was "Liked" by thiemb.
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Victory Gardens Biograph Theater — was "Favorited" by jmproboscis.
Theater Wit — was "Favorited" by jmproboscis.
The Theatre School at DePaul University — was "Favorited" by jmproboscis.
Stage 773 — was "Favorited" by jmproboscis.
Chicago Theater Works — was "Favorited" by jmproboscis.
Greenhouse Theater Center — was "Favorited" by jmproboscis.
Athenaeum Theatre — was "Favorited" by jmproboscis.
Annoyance Theatre — was "Favorited" by jmproboscis.
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